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April 6, 2022

Florida Insurance Agent Allie Horblitt shares thoughts on Inflation in relation to Car Insurance

Have you guys noticed how expensive Eggs and Milk have gotten?


How about gas for your car?


I think the real kicker here is the cost of auto insurance related to the current impact that inflation is having on the entire economy….even though YOU have not personally utilized your car insurance to make any claims.

Florida was already amongst the top 8 most expensive states for Car insurance and some territories of Florida, like North Lauderdale, Hialeah, parts of Orlando and general metropolitan areas like Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville have the most expensive car insurance costs within the whole state of Florida.

Why is inflation affecting your auto insurance rates in Florida?

At present it’s very difficult to procure car parts and the cost of supplies related to mechanical and cosmetic vehicle damage have increased over 20% over our pandemic rates. Part of the problem is the general concept of supply and demand: during the onset of the pandemic, people weren’t driving therefore there was no demand for parts. Now that people are back to work and things are breaking, there hasn’t been enough production or import of all of these parts to keep the whole supply chain moving along and therefore has created a shortage of products and a price increase driving insurers to spend more on repairs and claims that are taking longer times to complete.

How can I offset my rising auto insurance costs in Florida?

If you’re experiencing higher car insurance rates across Florida, in Miami, Broward County, or anywhere in the state, the best way to determine how it compares to the market is to order new insurance quotes.

Barefoot Insurance Brokers are independent insurance specialists comparing your rates against a marketplace full of options and for free.

We can help you determine how your current cost measures up against the competing companies and if we find an opportunity to save you money—we run with it!


Contact one of our specialized auto insurance agents today

However you prefer to communicate, we’re here to help:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 954-368-0060, x 1

Text: 786-440-8242


Let us review and compare your rates to the marketplace today! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have about your car insurance costs, coverage options and how to offset the current increases due to inflation rates.



Alexandra “Allie” Horblitt has been a personal and commercial independent insurance agent in Florida for 10 years with a focus on high-risk consumers and businesses. If you have an insurance problem that you need solved, she’s your girl.

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