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February 28, 2022

Ryan Sintay, an Independent Insurance Agent and Concierge Level Title Clerk in Florida

In today’s digital age the concept of customer service is becoming more and more distant. With automation taking over these jobs on a regular basis, many of us find it more difficult and time consuming to accomplish something as complicated as purchasing the proper car insurance or registering your Florida vehicle.


We are left to researching the internet hour after hour only to find many times the information we find online is not accurate.


The automation of the digital age does not work for everyone. That is where I come in!


If you’ve been searching for a Florida Licensed Insurance Broker who also understands the intricacies of out-of-state title transfers, registering your vehicle and the steps needed to fix your driver’s license, you’ve come to the right place.


 As a Florida licensed insurance agent at Barefoot Insurance Brokers and a vehicle title transfer and registration specialist I can help simplify the process for you. I am able to get several competitive auto insurance quotes from several insurance companies in a much faster and convenient way for the consumer, too.


What would take you hours to do I can do in a matter of minutes through the technology we utilize to compare rates within the agency.


Would you prefer to spend hours having to give 10 different companies your information over and over again when I can do the same thing in a matter of minutes with one short survey?  Endeavor to take the frustration and confusion out of the process of finding the right level of insurance to fit your needs and budget.


Beyond the efficient insurance valuations, I can also help with registering your car. Most people have a lot of trouble when dealing with the tedious process and requirements by the State of Florida to get their car registered.


Have you ever been in to a tax collector’s office or DMV (FLHSMV office) to register your car only to be turned away 4-5 times because something was not right? How helpful was the service representative for the government?


If you’re ready for free auto insurance quotes and concierge level tag, title and registration services for your Florida vehicles and vessels, contact Ryan Sintay, Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance agent (W788960) representing Barefoot Insurance Brokers by email: [email protected] or phone at 954-890-2046. In addition to quoting Florida Auto Insurance and handling Tag and Title paperwork, Ryan also quotes an array of insurance products including Dealer and Garage Liability, Dealer Surety Bonds, Commercial General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance, even hard to place class codes like Roofers and other Construction fields, and more. Call or text Ryan Sintay, Insurance Agent, for more information at 954-890-2046 today to start a conversation!

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