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February 22, 2022

Learn about the Benefits of Firearm Insurance in Florida

According to recent research published through NPR.org, about 40% of households in the United States have a gun located inside the home.

Millions of people either own a gun or live in a household with someone who does, but many gun owners don’t think about insuring their firearms. Firearms are considered personal property, and as long as they are regularly stored in the home, they are traditionally covered up to a specific value on your existing homeowner’s insurance policy. Firearms are generally treated like any other personal property on the standard HO-3 Insurance policy like a Florida Homeowner might carry.

If you’re a Florida gun owner, it is imperative that you speak to your insurance agent today about the values allotted on the policy for your firearm values. 

Guns are both valuable and potentially dangerous. Because of that, it’s  important for all gun owners to make sure they understand how their insurance policies can protect them. Owning firearms generally does not affect the homeowner’s insurance premium on a standard Florida Homeowner’s Insurance policy provided the coverage is available. The Florida homeowner’s insurance policy will provide limited coverage for firearms liability, but more coverage can potentially be added and personal property coverage for the scheduled firearm can potentially be added for an additional fee. Accidental loss of the physical firearm is also an option on some homeowner’s insurance policies in Florida, however criminal acts and intentional injury are excluded.

If you’re satisfied with your existing homeowner’s insurance policy but you’re interested in a mono-line personal article floater type of insurance for the firearm’s value, call me today to discuss free quotes for that product. Stacey Cubit, 772-324-9022

While you’re thinking about your potential liabilities, consider purchasing an umbrella insurance policy, too! Imagine the lawsuit or liability that could arise if you, god forbid, ever have to use your firearms in a self-defense situation? There are many types of Florida insurance policies that can help you pay any costs arising from legal fees after your homeowner’s insurance pays out your liability coverage limits, if in place.

Whether your concerns lie within the firearm liability or the personal property insurance protection, I’m here to understand your needs and fill your insurance gaps. 


Stacey Cubit is a licensed (W743871) Property & Casualty insurance producer working with Barefoot Insurance Brokers residing in Stuart, Florida but helping clients throughout Stuart, Hutchinson Island, Port Salerno, throughout Martin County and the entire state of Florida. In addition to Firearm Personal Article Floaters, Umbrella Liability and Homeowner’s Insurance, Stacey Cubit has access to dozens of A or better rated insurance companies to help you with all of your property & casualty needs within the State of Florida. Call or text Stacey Cubit at 772-353-7944 (cell) or email at [email protected]



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